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Jilane Phantos
....Access Granted....
Full Name: Jilane
Last Name: Phantos
Age: 28
DOB: 09/25/2387
POB: New Houston colony on Texas Prime within Spiral Arm 13
Hair Color: Purple (See note 1)
Eye Color: Purple (See note 2)
Height: Between 5'06" and 6'06" (See note 3)
Weight: Estimated between 100 and 200
Blood Type: AB+ (See note 4)
Living Relatives: None known.
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Current Home: Unknown
Jilane has some sort of extrasensory ability to detect technology around her. Attempts to blind this perception have met with repeated failure. Also of note is a seeming ability to jam or dampen the technology around her. Firearms refuse to go off and sensors and scanners malfunction.
Wetsuit: Jilane's wetsuit is a technological marvel in itself. Increasing every aspect of her physical attributes tenfold, it is unknown where or when she acquired this outfit.
Hovercraft: Jilane possesses a hovercraft that allows nigh instantaneous travel between points regardless of distance, allowing her to strike seemingly at multiple places at once, even when those points are across the galaxy from each other.
Visor: A part of her wetsuit, the visor grants a host of scanners and alternate vision modes that make avoiding detection nearly impossible.
Extra Notes
1: Actual hair color unknown. Believed to be dyed or genetically modified.
2: Actual eye color unknown. Believed to be contacts or genetically modified.
3: Precise measurements are impossible with her jamming ability, and she has not submitted herself for medical screening.
4: Has accepted blood from all human sources with zero chance of rejection.
Personal Note: I am glad she is on our payroll more often than not. As an assassin and mercenary, she is without peer due to her abilities and I do not think we could stop her if she were hired against us.
....End of file....
....Deleting file....
....Deletion successful....

A silly bio for a character I bought in an auction from Phoenix-of-a-Down who originally drew her. Expanding the character, she's a technopath from the future. She's not easily impressed and she is both skilled and powerful enough that she has no living enemies or rivals as either would hint at a level of carelessness or unprofessionalism that she refuses to exhibit.
Nighttime Deals
Your keys jangle some and you unlock the doors to your pub late one night. You forgot something and decided it couldn’t wait until morning. Why not? It’s not like you couldn’t put off sleep another ten minutes. You push open the glass door and stride into the place that had been your home away from home for over twenty years. For some it would have been just a job or investment, but to you it was like a child. You fought, sacrificed, and sometimes literally bled for this place. You always felt like you would die before this place if you could help it.

That’s when you saw her; seemingly innocent enough with her long black hair that covered half her face and oriental styled clothing. She smoked a long stem pipe that let out a small glow of… geisha paint? “Hello, Franklin,” came the soft voice. “We have some business to discuss.” You’d never forget her voice; soft as a feather and easy on the ears with a fair hint of a Japanese accent. Even though she was a far shot less than five feet tall, she's obviously not a child. Not with curves like those.

However you were more than familiar enough with old detective movies to know how this scene usually played out. You try to tell her to get out, but she doesn’t seem convinced. “No, I think you’ll want to listen. I want to buy your establishment.” That made you back up several steps mentally. Buy the pub? You shake your head and move for the phone you had forgot on the counter and say you’re calling the cops but you’re stopped short yet again by the loud thud of a chest. Her hands hadn’t moved, but she had still placed the chest down. The sound of coins could be heard inside. Was there somebody else here with her?

“I assure you, Mister Smesta that it is not the spare change you take it for.” One of those slender hands graces the lock and pulls the lid back. Delicate, sharply pointed nails tipped each digit. Did she sharpen her nails to look like claws? You start to wonder what kind of shady dealings you’ve gotten yourself into but all those thoughts are brought to a halt as the light from her pipe casts a pale fiery glow on the coins inside; gold. “I’ve done my research Mister Smesta. Heard your jokes. This is the sample to show I’m real, and willing to make your jests just as tangible. I am willing to offer you all one hundred and eighty five pounds of your weight in gold. Down to the last gram.”

Your legs wobble and go weak and you find yourself suddenly thirsty. How many people trying to buy this place had you told you’d only sell for your weight in gold just to drive them off? Stumbling behind the bar you grab your own personal booze and pour a glass to quickly down. You hadn’t had any tonight. You shouldn’t be seeing and hearing things like this. Finally one of the gears in your head catches and things move forward again. You ask her, against your better judgement, if she’s with the Yakuza or something, but she only laughs. “I’m with myself, and I work for myself. As if I would stoop to the level of some petty group of street thugs.” She seems genuinely insulted by the insinuation. More questions bubble to the surface. “Before you ask, no, I am not looking to start some kind of takeover. I want a place of my own, you have the place I want. You set a price, I am agreeing to the price.” The smile slowly returns. “No, I cannot read your mind, but I can read your face,” she adds before you can even open your mouth. She may as well be able to read your mind then; you’re a lousy poker player and your friends always did say that you had a million tells that made it so you practically played with your hand face up on the table.

“Do we have a deal?” she asks holding out that hand and looking you dead in the eyes. Or eye in her case. Would you trade your life and everything you’ve built for mere gold?


Artist/Author Commentaries
Redid this piece and edited the story a bit.

Tamamo is copyright Living Legends (IE: me)
Kasai no Futago
Another of my characters from Champions Online, Kasai is much newer than Inari. She's usually between 5'06" and 6'00" and she's not afraid to flaunt her figure. She works as a model and spends most of her time in night clubs where she talks with people and makes the occasional friend. I've always imagined her as being voiced by Kym Hoy (Kasumi from Mass Effect).
Poolside Talks Revised
Tamamo didn’t need to worry about sunburns. It was quite silly for her to what with a thick pelt of fur covering her whole body. She strode out onto the back patio and took a seat by the pool and waited. A siren twice as long as she is tall poked her head above the rippling water and hoisted herself up. “Hey, Tam. You look pleased.” She flashed a smile that showed off the rows of shark-like teeth.

“I got that pub I had my eyes on, Azure-san.” She sat down in a relaxed position. “It seemed that Mister Smesta was not joking when he said he would sell his bub.” The large siren let out a melodic giggle. She was always interested in the goingson of the surface world. Moreso now because she was trapped to Mark’s pool. “I will have to take you sometime. He maintained it well.”

“You know that can’t happen.” Azure splashed her fin behind her for emphasis. “I only have one leg, and it’s really in love with being wet.”

Tamamo frowned slightly at that. “Apologies. It must have slipped my mind.”

“Don’t worry. It’s fine,” she reassured the diminutive vixen. “Besides; you old people like telling stories, so you can talk to me all you want about it.” The smile twisted into a cheeky grin.

Tamamo blinked and lifted an eyebrow. “You remember in this world we are all the same age, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but you act old,” she says poking Tamamo’s face with a clawed finger.


I felt like I should fix up the poolside scene some. Tamamo looked too much like she was being attacked to me, so I gave her a slightly more relaxed and reserved stance.

Tamamo and Azure are copyright Living Legends.
Living Legends belongs to me and people who take either get a thumpy stick and time out.
Made with Daz Studio.


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